We are Redline.

We are a hosting service that specializes in hosting Minecraft: Java and Bedrock Edition servers.

Our mission.

Our mission is to provide a home for all kinds of Minecraft servers at an affordable price without compromising on performance. We want to make the customers using the service feel somewhat included in all aspects of the development process of the hosting service. Whilst other hosting services focus on getting the latest CPU's running for their customers, we believe in software solutions to hardware short-comings. This allows us to keep our prices low whilst continuing to offer competitive performance, that way, you are happy, your wallet is happy, we are happy, everyone is happy in the end.

The founders behind Redline

Image of Redline Staff Member



Image of Redline Staff Member




Created by a former server owner and developed by a current Minecraft server developer, our vision is to create a Minecraft server host that actively communicates with the community, upholds its promises and does not send you into bankruptcy.


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